palo verde

Palo Verde Tryptich

palo verdes with walker

Palo Verde Tryptich with Walker #1


How’s that for an on the spot fine art title? It would sound even better in German. Palo Verde Triptych mit Fu?g?nger #1.

Can you find the hidden items in this picture?

I made three quick photos on the road, pivoting for each one, intending to mosaic them together and capture the panoramic and beautifully chaotic Palo verde thicket I pass every day by the road. The walker was accidental, coming up the hairpin turn on the other side, but created a sort of perfect image of what was happening in that span of a few seconds. Apparently, it takes the same amount of time to walk up the hill as it does to capture three digital images.

In addition to the Palo Verde trees, there is downtown in view and there are walkers on the Hill. All part of the view from Tumamoc.

palo verde
Palo Verde and downtown Tucson

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