rain storm from tumamoc

The Weather

I want to talk about the weather. This week I have gotten almost no practical work done. I’m too distracted by the sky. It’s just so close and huge up here on the Hill. You can see all of it.

rain storm from tumamoc
Rain storm moving towards Tumamoc from the Tortollita Mountains

In fact, looking at the sky, something I’ve seen thousands of times before, has become kind of obsessive-compulsive. I sit down at my computer, which is where I do my real work, hear some wind blowing or see a storm brewing outside the window, and I’m out of there, climbing over rocks and scrambling around thehill to get the best view. Yes, there are telephone lines here. I could retouch them out, but they are as much a part of the landscape. as the views.

I have neglected my sketchbook for the immediate gratification and speed of photography. Even though I just have to click a button, it’s not immediate, nor fast. The sky changes so rapidly that the clouds move even between my sequenced frames and multiple bracketed exposures. I spend hours putting a singe image together using several items of software. I processed the images to get all the subtle details of the sky.

clouds over the catalina moountains
Clouds gather over the catalina moountains and move towards Tumamoc


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