Milstead’s Tumamoc Work on Exhibit

Meredith Milstead has a show up currently at The Drawing Studio called “Landscape (Un)Tamed: Order and Chaos in the Natural World”.? I urge you,? my dear readers, to view these in the original before the show ends November 4. There is a nice review in this weeks’s Tucson Weekly. Read it here.

The review does not mention Tumamoc Hill by name, but when they say “desert”, they mean Tumamoc. She did the Tumamoc pastel work last summer on location and in the open air. This is exactly the kind of work that the Tumamoc community likes to encourage: it is work that is specific to a place, that probes beneath the surface of the landscape, expressing discoveries she made about the Hill and about herself. She spent some time paying attention and listening, and the work shows that.

Here is a quote from the review:

When Meredith Milstead goes outside to draw, she pretty much lets nature call the shots.

She sketches out the hills, rocks, clouds and cacti she finds out there. Where people have built houses, she draws in the rooftops, and if telephone poles mar the desert’s beauty, she dutifully puts them in anyway, true to the scene at hand.

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