ocotillos in fall color

Is There Fall Color in the Desert?

ocotillos in fall color
Ocotillos in fall color. Notice the? band around the saguaro: on Tumamoc, this records the expansion of the saguaros as they gain or lose water. The pleats in the cactus expands and contracts just like an accordion, playing a music so slow that we can not hear it.

Summer ended in the first week of October.? As usual, it was sudden and there was not much we could do about it.? The blistering heat turns suddenly cold. I turned on the heater. Thursday the entire valley was shrouded in a cold, drizzly fog. It was like San Francisco or Seattle. At times, you could not see the Catalina Mountains from Tumamoc. We even got a little rain here, but it was like the winter rains, long and drawn out, cold, dark. It happens this way the first week of October as far back as I can remember.

I think the rest of the year will be uneventful, as far as the? weather goes, and I will stop talking about it. Maybe I should have gotten a degree in meteorology, but that’s among a dozen or so other areas that one could enjoy spending a lifetime studying.

Yes, there is autumn in the desert. Right now it is the leaves of the Ocotillos turning golden yellow.

tumamoc_fall color
Tumamoc fall color
Ocotillos Tumamoc
Tumamoc Hill: texture

Not that one needs color. This black and white shot sticks with the underlying texture alone. That by itself is enough to make a person’s day.

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