saguaro buds

The Daily Saguaro Flower

On Saturday at our sketching session, Meredith found a great set of saguaro buds at eye level, a rare find. I decided to photograph it every morning as kind of a time lapse. I messed up the registration and took the pictures hand-held because I didn’t want to leave a tripod out there. The camera is at a random level and when I tried to register them all, it did not work. So It’s not science. It’s just seeing.

This morning I went out to the spot and it had bloomed last night! It was already old news–probably Mexican long-nosed bats had already been in there last night. I’ll keep updating this post, by adding photos of the same set of saguaro buds to follow their life cycle. We’ll see what happens.


first saguaro flower
Thursday, April 26, 2012
saguaro buds
Saturday, April 21

(I was sick for five days)

saguaro flower, May 1
Tuesday, May 1
Wednesday, May 2
Thursday, May 3
Friday, May 4
Monday, May 7


Tuesday, May 8

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