Meredith Milstead's rattler drawing

We Find a Snake

This tiger rattler lay in Meredith’s path just west of the Desert Lab main building, one of our favorite places to draw. So she drew the ectotherm, which was still snuggling up to the warm Tumamoc basaltic rocks in the cool of the morning, in no hurry, posing beautifully.

Tiger rattlesnake
Tiger rattler near Desert Lab main building
Meredith Milstead's rattler drawing
Meredith Milstead's rattler drawing
Gila monster from a cooler in the Tumamoc snake lab. Also a gopgher snake portrait.
Gila monster sitting in a cooler,awaiting a radio transmitter in the Tumamoc snake lab. Also a gopher snake portrait. From Paul Mirocha's sketchbook.
Leo Mirocha drawing.
Ambidextrous Leo Mirocha boldly goes where no sketcher has gone before. He also named most of the colors, which surprised me for a 2-year old.

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