Cover image for 1st issue of Edible Baja Arizona

Edible Baja Arizona

Cover image for 1st issue of Edible Baja Arizona
Cover image for 1st issue of Edible Baja Arizona, by Paul Mirocha
Edible Baja Arizona, first edition.
Edible Baja Arizona, first edition.

Anyone who has stayed in Tucson for the best season of the year probably has seen this image on news stands around Tucson this summer. It’s the June 2013 inaugural issue of Edible Baja Arizona. That means it’s a first edition. It’s not really edible except by goats and termites, but it’s very readable and it’s free.

Most importantly, the images are from Tumamoc, always ready to serve up something delicious from its bank of iconic images for the Sonoran Desert borderlands. Also, much of the rest of the magazine was designed up here on the Hill.

Edible Baja Arizona is a magazine celebrating the foodways of Tucson and the borderlands. Published every other month, Edible BA features an array of well-researched stories and stunning images that celebrate the joys of eating locally, explore the rich food heritages of Baja Arizona, and advocate for the importance of relocalizing our foodshed.

It’s the newest addition to Edible Communities, a national movement to celebrate local foods, now with 82 local magazines throughout the country.

You can read the magazine online here. But I find it more pleasurable to read the paper edition. Your goat will feel the same way. Check out, in particular, Carolyn Niethammers article on saguaro fruit harvesting. Yes, our signature plant, the saguaro, is very edible. Carolyn’s article also features more Tumamoc saguaro imagery.

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