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This Piece of Earth - cover

Tumamoc: People and Habitats has just published its first book. This Piece of Earth: Images and Words from Tumamoc Hill, is a collaboration between the POG poetry group and Tumamoc artists. It’s a showcase for some of the recent environmental art and writing done on Tumamoc Hill.

It has just become available this month.

In keeping with the working philosophy that has evolved on Tumamoc, all of the work was completed (mostly) while on-location, within the 860-acre boundaries of the Tumamoc Landmark. Tumamoc Hill was the laboratory for these paintings and writings.

We cut no corners on printing and production quality. The 48-page soft-cover book has a heavy watercolor paper cover and the pages are smythe-sewn for maximum life and ease of handling. The cover painting is by Barbara Terkanian. Retail price is 20.00 plus tax, and shipping, if desired.

You can own a copy. Profits from sales of this book will benefit Tumamoc Hill.

Antigone Books
, 411 N. 4th Ave. is now the sole outlet for This Piece of Earth.

If you can’t find a copy, please email Paul Mirocha in the contact form in the main menu, upper right.


Look inside the book (pdf)


this piece of earth- title page

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  1. Any way I can pick this book up in person and save the $7 shipping? I live right here in Tucson. Thanks, it’s for a gift.

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