Happy Saguaro Drawing

LEO MIROCHA, 5-years old, drew some saguaros. Yes, on Tumamoc Hill. This children’s art was prompted by an explanation of the better than average monsoon we had in 2015 and the extended winter rain due to the current El Ni o event. The saguaros on the Hill are fat with water and happy. We know this because Professor Owen Davis has been measuring the girth of the saguaros growing around the Desert Lab buildings and writing down how fat they are getting. It’s good data.

Note the water inside the saguaro’s body, the flowers and pollinators, the rocks and soil with the roots below them. Also the soccer ball thrown up to the cactus by Professor Davis. That last item did not really happen, but everything else did and is real.

So Happy Holidays and happy drawing. There are many posts waiting for me to find time to finish. And starting in 2016, other Tumamoc artists will be posting their new work, hitherto unseen, on this site. All made on Tumamoc.


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