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Tumamoc Sketchbook has a new design


THIS IS A TEST of the email subscription with the new Tumamoc Sketchbook design. Please write comments, or write me by email?with any feedback from technical issues to look and feel. Tell me if the old site?was better.

Thanks for reading.


Leo's sketchbook page
Leo’s sketchbook page
The Desert Lab in twilight, photo by Paul Mirocha
The Desert Lab on Tumamoc Hill in twilight, photo by Paul Mirocha


14 thoughts on “Tumamoc Sketchbook has a new design

  1. Hello Paul,
    thanks for sending your beautiful newsletter. I love reading your blog and seeing your artwork, please keep posting, it makes us dream.


  2. Hello, I met you a few years back at The Desert Lab when descendants of the early pioneers were being honored. My grandfather was F. E. Lloyd. I enjoyed seeing the cactus painting by a young person that you posted here. I liked your photo of The Desert Lab, the desert hillside in the foreground and Tucson beyond, taken from up on the hill. I have many photos taken in that area by my grandfather when he was there in 1905-05. You might be interested in seeing some of them.

  3. New site looks fine. Fun contribution from Leo. Thank you for keeping this up – reminds me I need to get over to Tumamoc for another beautiful morning walk!

  4. This seems to work just fine, no issues like I sometimes had with the old site. Will continue to let you know if anything seems amiss. It’s always great to see another post from you, and a treat to have something from Leo this time as well.

      1. Partly, the issue was a hack into my wordpress theme by someone in India. Instead of struggling with the lost data, (no content was lost) I decided it was time to update to a design I had been thinking about for some time.

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