Bambi sighted on Tumamoc Hill

Tumamoc Sketchbook has been in hibernation for some months. The recent 115? afternoons have begun to breathe hot air back into this writer’s mind, waking up, starting to write. –The editor

The Tumamoc Tour:
A Phone App

Here’s one reason I’ve no time to write: I’ve been painting illustrations for the up and coming Tumamoc Tour app. It will be an audio and visual tour of Tumamoc Hill, due to hit the app stores (free) in September or October.

Tumamoc artist Barbara Terkanian is helping with story-boards and writing. New Tumamoc director Ben Wilder manages the project. I’ll post more previews over the summer.

I’ll post a few snapshots of what I’m doing today. Then I have to get back to work.

This feature tells the story of the mule deer that live on Tumamoc Hill. As I draw and paint, a small family group of mule deer, a doe and three yearlings, rest and browse outside my door in the shade. I feel for them, it’s record high temperatures and drought. They are so thin, browsing on tiny twigs and dry creosote, their ribs show.

Mule deer fawn with Doe
Fawn with mother, painted yesterday.

mule deer fawn stands up, illustration by Paul Mirocha
Painted this morning. What do mule deer eat anyways? I’ll find out. Also will need to paint the grass going into his mouth.
mule deer going through the viaduct.
How do deer get to Tumamoc?
Mule deer watching walkers on Tumamoc Road
What do deer think about?









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