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The Tumamoc Tour mobile phone app

Tumamoc now has an app. The Tumamoc Walkers’ Tour app, or just “Tumamoc Tour”  has been simmering in the Tumamoc Hill think tank for about two years.

Just this month it went into the Apple Store and Google Play stores, produced by the University of Arizona College of Science. It’s free to download onto your smart phone, of course.

landscape loader screen
Landscape loader screen for the Tumamoc App





Outline of the Tour

The Tumamoc Tour is divided into six sections that correspond to a distinct portion of the road and paced to coincide with your walk up and down the Hill. The total audio tour is an hour long, divided into six parts, corresponding to sections of the Tumamoc road. There is also a layer of features, audio-visual programs which can be enjoyed while resting, or even from an armchair in your home.

  1. INTRODUCTION, offers a brief overview of the many layers and facets of Tumamoc Hill
  2. THE DESERT LAB, tells the 100-year history of the birthplace of desert ecology
  3. ECOLOGY, explores the connections between the plants, animals and environments of the Sonoran Desert
  4. ARCHAEOLOGY, goes back in time to better understand why people have been gathering on Tumamoc Hill for over 4,000 years
  5. STORIES FROM TUMAMOC, shares a diversity of cultural perspectives
  6. THE FUTURE, provides a vision for the next era of Tumamoc Hill
  7. FEATURES Sixteen detailed YouTube video stories on the landscapes, plants, animals and people of Tumamoc Hill.
Ben Wilder sketches out screen flows on the white board

The team

Project manager: Ben Wilder
Concept development, writing, photography, video, graphic design, illustration: Paul Mirocha
Writing and research, sketches and storyboards, logo design: Barbara Terkanian
Narrative text, video production: Shipherd Reed

English narration by David Yetman
Spanish narration by Alberto B?rquez

Clicking on one of these icons brings up a special feature for that location


Tales from the Tumamoc Tour

In future posts, I’ll highlight some of the back-stories, out-takes, and artwork from the Tumamoc Tour.


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