Tucson Catalinas storm from Tumamoc Hill by Nick Georgiou

Tumamoc on our mind

In summer 2019, Tumamoc artist Nick Georgiou began one of his unique works of art on Tumamoc Hill using paper from 1950s–1980s Department of Interior publications that were destined for recycling. Nick’s finished art would be gracing the newly renovated Desert Laboratory greenhouse. While he worked, he captured Tumamoc scenes using time-lapse sequences, and compiled this video. Enjoy the sights of and from Tumamoc and an intimate look at some of its inhabitants, even though we can’t be there right now (April 2020) because of social distancing.

Nick wrote on his Instagram page:

Closing out this week @desert.laboratory with pure joy and excitement. It started with one of Robert Villa’s (@faunus_sonorensis) Ficus cotinifolia plants that he has been growing since 2016. I used old DOI Publications from the Geological Survey from the 50’s to 80’s to render the specimen.

While working on this still life, the camera was rolling outside catching the light and clouds. I ran across a friendly roadrunner that I swear was flirting with me—used a small telescope to my iPhone as it revealed a beautiful weather ritual. We had a moment as the mercury broke the record heat index 🌞

Other data ::: Confirming incredible lab stories from the 70s with veteran scientists. Interacting with a slightly aggressive javelina. Photographing a fallen saguaro that is starting to decompose, the smell is quite unique.
Overall a highly productive week on one of the most unique and long lived research stations in the world! 😃

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