Plot 10, photograph by Paul Mrocha

March Mondays

Artists pondering what they’ve done on Tumamoc.


ARTISTS MET EVERY MONDAY morning in March to do their work on Tumamoc. Each has their own reasons for coming, but it’s all about being there on site and developing one’s own sense of the place. Even returning to the same spot at a different time of day creates a new view and a unique work.

After a each person chooses their location and spends 2-3 hours at work, we meet for lunch and to share what we did. It’s a classic and valuable way to improve one’s own observations by learning from others, and for building a sense of friendship and community. And qualifications to come up to the Hill if you are new.

Below, you can scroll through some of the images we discussed on the Desert Lab patio.

Pastel by Meredith Milstead. Brittlebush in flower.
Watercolor by Oscar Turner. Santa Catalina Mountains.


Pastel by Gay Scheibl.
Brittle bush flowering, watercolor by Kathleen Koopman.
Valerie Milner Graham pastel
Pastel by Valerie Milner Graham
Plot 10, photograph by Paul Mrocha
Photograph by Paul Mirocha. I was down the hill working on my photographic project in Spalding Plot 10. I tried to make a print in time for lunch, but my printer did not love me that day. So I’ll include it here.

mirocha_20140317_tumamoc-artists__DSC9274 mirocha_20140317_tumamoc-artists__DSC9273 mirocha_20140317_tumamoc-artists__DSC9272 mirocha_20140317_tumamoc-artists__DSC9271 mirocha_20140317_tumamoc-artists__DSC9269

pastel by Gay Scheibl.
Pastel by Gay Scheibl.
Kathleen Koopman: a trip to the old Desert Lab dump.
junk collection--Kathleen Koopman
Kathleen Koopman: another visit to the old desert Lab dump.




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